This project came about just as a man and woman come together in conceiving a new born child – in love, with passion and joy. The merging of my own inner man and inner woman (masculine and feminine) energies happened even without my knowing, and one day I realized that a seed had been planted for this new project. It happened very organically, without any effort, stress or force. It happened in a moment of space – of silence – a place where my vessel was open. Each card was created through meditation, knowing and creativity. The process of the work is based purely on my inner sense working with each card for days and weeks; feeling, sensing, looking and playing with each to understand the symbols in more depth. 

Adrinka Oracle Healing Cards

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  • The fifty-two cards are divided into sets of seven cards of each of the seven chakras. Three “joker” cards have been added named Love, Laugh and Live. The explanation of each card is inspired by the behavioral barometer based on the Three-in-One Concept of Kinesiology as well as the method of Family Constellation. Since my toolbox contains naturopathy, various body-work techniques, Kundalini Yoga, Osho Therapy, Chakra Healing and life coaching, the messages given are taken from these various modalities. The main text and the words at the bottom of each card are based on the Three-in-one Concept. Unique to this system is the Behavioral Barometer, which is a road map of behavioral patterns indicating various emotions and behaviors that separate you from the desired state of mind you want to have.